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KOAHA is the KOREAN AMERICAN hotel owners association in the US & Canada. The more than 300+ KOAHA members own more than 500 hotels in the United States. With close to a 1 billion of dollars in property assets and thousands of employees, KOAHA members are core economic contributors in virtually every community in the United States.​

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​KOAHA’s mission is to advance and protect the business interests of hotel owners through advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community engagement.

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Korean Americans have a rich tradition of entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and family values. After Korea’s independence in 1945, many of that country’s young people immigrated to the United States to pursue their education and “the American Dream.”


Many of these new immigrants arrived in America with backgrounds as entrepreneurs and business owners. During the 1970s, Korean Americans saw tremendous opportunities for prosperity in the hospitality industry, and many began to save their money in order to purchase hotels. Word quickly spread throughout the community about the potential of the hotel industry as a niche market, and the Indian American influence in hospitality began.


These new hoteliers faced discrimination within the industry, particularly from banks and insurance companies. To overcome these obstacles, hoteliers collaborated to form various groups, culminating in the creation of the Korean American Hotel Owners Association (KAHOA) in 2009 during the subprime great recession.

In 2017, KAHOA celebrated its 8th anniversary and is currently one of hospitality industry’s most respected and influential organizations. KAHOA represents more than 300 PLUS members nationwide, who own more than 500 properties

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The official e-newsletter of KOAHA, is delivered to inboxes every MONTH. It contains the very latest KOAHA news, government-affairs updates, industry reports, member benefits, and selections from the latest issue of Today’s Hotelier.


KOAHA’s e-newsletter is also your go-to source for information on upcoming professional development opportunities and nearby events, from webinars to regional conferences and town halls to legislative summits.


Every month, KOAHA spotlights member benefits and Founding Members that provide the greatest value to KOAHA members, making the newsletter an excellent venue for spreading the word about your company’s products or services.


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